Enjoy A Healthy Return On Your Investment, Without The Stress!

At times, the ever-changing laws set by the RTB, can be like navigating an obstacle course, Fire Safety Regulations as well as the different rules surrounding Tenant Notices, all need to be observed. Landlords often find the whole process quite stressful, with having to constantly insure they comply with their responsibilities, it can be daunting, and can at times seem like a never ending To Do List.

How We Can Help

We can step in, and provide you with your income with our without your involvement. We understand that is not your Business, and neither would you like it to be. You may wish to focus on your Day Job, your Family Life as well as running your own Home. You require an agent, to take over your Property, and have the peace of mind, that your investment is been cared for, while being provided with regular Maintenance and Financial reports, indeed one our main reasons for founding our Business, was the feedback we received from Landlords, that one of their main requirement from a Letting Agency, would to be to provide timely preventative maintenance reports, which if highlighted in time, can save a Landlord huge future repair bills. As part of our regular inspections, we provide our Landlords with both Schedule of Condition and Preventative Maintenance Reports, and can liase with either the Landlords preferred Tradespeople or our own approved Tradespeople to rectify any faults to the property before they become an expensive burden.

Where We Come In

With over Twenty years of lettings and property management experience, we can begin to manage your property, at any step in the Rental Cycle, whether it is let or vacant, or due to become vacant. We can review its current market value, and can suggest ways to maximise your return on your investment. First and Subsequent reviews are complimentary, and encompass maintenance, compliance with RTB legislation, current market rental value, as well as the Tenant Contentment (we have found out from experience, that a satisfied Tenant is the best kind to work with)

We work with you, to strive to ensure your Property is enticing enough to realise a premium market rent, and we work closely with you to, and your tenants to ensure that the Tenancy lasts for as long as possible, to save you Money on Tenant Changeover Periods, as well as additional Advertising, and RTB Fees to register any new Tenants. Our aim is to provide you with the greatest cost efficient service, in the most efficient manner. We don’t add mark ups to fees incurred on behalf of our Landlords, nor to we charge fees to attend emergency call outs. In a nutshell, we regard your property as one of our own by been there, and providing you with the best possible yield.